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Adults - $9.00
Seniors (60+) - $6.00
Youth (6 to 17 years) - $4.00 Children (5 and under) - FreeĀ 
Language Cafe

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Language Cafe

Come say "konnichiwa" and learn how to speak a new language. Practice your skills if you are taking Japanese. Those who are visiting and want to practice english, come and enjoy tea and conversation. 

Nikka Yuko is hosting their first ever Japanese Cafe experience. Friends can come to experience the Nikka Yuko Friendship over hot or cold tea or coffee while getting to know each other. Through communication we form an understanding and appreciation of other countries and culturals. 

On every Tuesday in July we will host a Cafe from 2-4pm. Entry will get you into the Garden. Take a tour, just enjoy the peace and serenity, take in a performance if scheduled. Then sit, grab a coffee and see who visits. 

Free tea and coffee will be provided with entry from 2-4pm

Let Nikka Yuko provide you with omotenashi. (Hospitality) We look forward to meeting you.

Arigatou gozaimasu, 

  Located on the corner of 9th Avenue South and Mayor Magrath Drive

(Next to Henderson Lake) in Lethbridge, Alberta - Canada

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